Nowadays, keeping a website is important, necessary and also fashion. No matter you are going to create a brand, or open a business or for personal use, you will need a website for sure. But you know, making a website is not a cup of tea for everyone since you are not a CSE student. But that is not quietly true actually. Now, technology is so advanced that with some proper knowledge you can create your own website easily. How? Well, I am writing this article in order to tell you the way of making a website.

Understand what type of website you need

The first thing you need to do is understand what type of website you need. There are some categories such as, blog website, portfolio website, business card website, Product brochure website and e-commerce website. Based on the use, select the category.

Select the name

Once you have understood the site type, now it is time for selecting a name. Choose a unique but attractive name for your site. And also keep this in your mind that always chooses an easy name that is very simple to remember.

Buy a domain

According to your website name, search for a domain for your website. Try to match the domain name as much as possible to your site name. Do not add any number or difficult word to your domain name if you do not find your desired name. And one more thing, Always buy a domain from a reputable brand.

Buy a hosting

Now it’s time to buy a hosting. Take good hosting plan for your website. There are several types of hosting plans such as shared hosting or VPS or cloud hosting etc. depending on the type of your website select a plan. And like the domain buying, try to buy your hosting from a well-branded company as well.

Install WordPress

It’s time for real work. Install WordPress. You know, right now, WordPress is the most popular way to create a website. It is easy to use and maintain. You can create a simple good looking website with WordPress without touching any code. And also, WordPress is free to use and a lot of plugins as well as themes of WordPress are also free. So it will be a good option since you are doing this for the first time.

Design website

Now we come to the main part of the project. You can design your website on your own. But you know, since you are not expert in this field. So I will suggest hiring a design company that offers a professional web design in a very low budget. Maybe you are thinking that finding a good company that offers good quality responsive design at a very low price is impossible. But let me prove you wrong. Iwebexplore is such a company that offers a good-looking, responsive, and professional website in only 49$.

So decide quickly and create a good website. I know you are not a backdated person.