website hacked

You have a small website that has actually nothing worth of. And you are relaxed to think that no one is going to hack your website. But let me prove you wrong. Most of the time, hackers do not hack the website for the information it has, but for the attempt of using your server mail for spamming, or using it as a temporary server, or mining bitcoin. It does not matter what their intention is, the matter they breach your site security. And in the same way, large websites are also is in risk of being hacked.

Then what is the solution? Well, that is the topic of this article. Let’s see.

Keep all your software updated

Almost everyone knows this that keeping the software is very essential to protect the website. This has to be followed for both your server operating system and the software you are using in your website. If hackers find any holes in the software, they will attempt to hack your site.


Backup is the first defense of a site. You can back up your files manually by using your cPanel back up feature. But if you do not have time then you can use automated backup service. It will back up your file automatically. Just add it and forget about the back up.

Strong and different password

The days of creating and using similar as well as the predictable patterned password for every site are over. Now the hackers are too smart to imagine. You need to have a password for your cpanel, ftp, database, and others. Keep your password different from each other and use a strong password. Also, use 2FA security to ensure more security to your site.


I am sure you are familiar with this word. It is an SSL certificate that ensures us that the connection between your site and users are safe enough and any of user’s information that passes through the server and browser are transmitted and encrypted securely. It helps to prevent v as well as hackers from intercepting and accessing data as it moves between the web servers and the user’s browsers.


Set up WAF

You have an anti-virus for your pc for sure. But do you have any for your site? If not, then set up WAF or web application farewell that not only detect and scan your site but also eliminate the thread.

If you follow these steps, your site will remain safe. And if your website is maintained by a company, for example, iwebexplore or others then tell them to secure your site with high security.