What is Responsive Web Design

Maybe you have heard a lot about responsive web design. A lot of companies are saying that their website is responsive and some web design companies such as iwebexploreare saying they can make responsive website.But have you ever asked yourself what is responsive web design? Well, if you haven’t, don’t worry. Today I am going to write about responsive web design.

What is responsive web design?

Let me explain it in very simple way. Maybe you have noticed that some websitesare different in different device. What I mean is when you visit that website from your pc, you see there I three columns, and when you visit the same website from your smartphone or tablet, you see that there is only one column. That means the website responds to both computer and mobile or any other devices itself. That is called responsive web design.

Nowadays, responsive web design is very important for every website. So let’s see, why responsive web design is so important?

The number of smartphone user is increasing day by day. Now most of the people visit website withtheir phone or tablet. And there are many people who visit websites with their desktop or laptop. And there are some people too who visit website with both computer and mobile.

Now just think, if you create a website that is mobile friendly. It must haveone column, low resolution images, andlow graphics that are perfect for mobile. And with this low quality images and graphics, the site is very fast to load. Now if this same quality contentsyou see in pc, how does it look?

The big screen consists of one small column, some low quality pictures and some low quality graphics. How would it look? Definitely, it will look weird.

Son the other hand, if you do the opposite, I mean you create a website with high resolution images and high quality graphics along with three columns. It would be perfect for pc and it would look awesome for sure in pc, but if you can visit the site with your mobile what will you see? The page has three columns and the page is so heavy to load. I am sure you yourself won’t like it.

So, now I think it is clear to you how important responsive design is and what is responsive design right?