Are you searching for SEO trends for 2018-2019?Then you are in the right place.

SEO trends for 2018-2019

The industry, especially the SEO industry has changed a lot in the last 6 months and this trend will continue. So without knowing the trend, you cannot rank your site. If you have followed the recent changes then you will better understand what I am talking about.

For example, few days age, keyword density was the main factor for of on-page SEO. But now that does not work. Rather if you make your content fulfill with your keyword, it will not rank.

That is why you need to understand the trend and follow the trend in order to rank your website. You need to know what trend is running and what will dominate in the next few years. This is not any kind of lame article about “SEO trends for 2018-2019”, I will mention only those trends that are dominating SEO world right now and also predict some upcoming trend. So let’s get started.

Mobile First Index


You maybe know that in March 2018, the entire SERP algorithm shakeup, and a lot of people got confused that how this changes affect the mobile search. But today, almost 65% of traffic is coming from mobile search.

We know how much Google value the page speed when comes to page rank right? As a result, the mobile-first index becomes one of the most important factors of page ranking. Nowadays, the developers make try to make the page responsive so that the traffic comes from mobile search gets enough speed.

This change becomes a thread for those site owners who totally rely on desktop optimized site. From now no site will rank in higher if that site is not well optimized for mobile. This mobile-first indexing is the latest SEO trends of 2018 and experts say that it will dominate the search result in the next few years.

Rank Brain Updates 2018

Rank Brain Updates 2018

As the main part of Hummingbird algorithms of Google, the Rank Brain has a great effect on web page ranking. Basically, it is an algorithm of artificial intelligence.

The main purpose is to develop the keyword-based results that are the best match to the user’s intention. Generally, the machine studies the task and show the result rather than being indicated by the user.

When we talk about the ranking factor, Rank Brain takes the third place of the major ranking factors list. The main purpose of this algorithm is to provide the best result to the user.

We can say that now Google makes their ability strong enough to catch the user’s intention. As a result, it becomes an easy task for Google to assess a site by the user experience. Now the main SEO technique is to write an in-depth content for the user that best solves the user’s problem.

Page Speed


In the era of speed, every people want to get everything, even information, fast. And when it comes to getting information from the google, people want it faster.

Just think about it, you search for an item in google and click the first result. But what if the page you have clicked does not load within 5-6 seconds? Will you wait for more time? I am sure, you won’t. You will definitely move onto the next result.

You know what; People generally don’t like any slow web pages. If you have a slow webpage, it is almost sure that your page going to drop the rank no matter how much good content you have or how good design you have.

If you are curious to know what speed is enough speed then you should take google recommendation and you will find out that 3 seconds is the highest page loading time. To check out the speed of your site, you should use google page speed checker and you will find out the speed of your web page.

Though page speed has been one of the main google ranking factors for a couple of years, in 2018, google emphasis more on speed.

Voice Search


In 2017, the voice search started getting its popularity and in 2018, it becomes a trend. Nowadays, a lot of people are using voice searches instead of typing.

And the main reasons behind this are that it is easy to use, comfortable and now the software has reached such a level where everyone can trust the result it provides. Additionally, the speed of the speech is normal and anyone can understand the speech easily.

The rise of the voice search means that you have to think beyond the basic keyword as well as phrases for ranking, rather you have to think about the terms or phrases your users are going to say naturally. You know, the tone of the writing and speaking is different I mean we talk differently than writing. That means the SEO strategy will be using conversational phrases and sentences.

The Rise of “Linkless” Backlinks


We all know, the backlink is the backbone of SEO and it has been for many years. But do you know that before 2012 using backlinks was the sign of spam? In 2012, it became legal and since then people have been using this method in order to rank their webpage and it has become an ethical as well as the best practice to rank the website.

But now, the latest Google algorithm says that those backlinks are not going to work as a well as previously did. That means now it does not matter of big deal that from where or whom person the links are coming. The links are not going to work anymore.

Google is now capable of associating mentions of the brands, organizations, institutions, and the people without the necessity of linking to corresponding web pages of theirs. Though the links are going to still carry some weight the text around the hyperlink will be the main factor of the SEO.

Increased Search Engine Results Page Features


There is a funny joke in the SEO community that if you want to hide a dead body, place it on the 2nd page of Google. What does that mean? That means almost no one goes to the 2nd place for the result. So the ultimate goal of every SEO expert is to rank the website on the first page of google in order to get the highest amount of traffic.

But the bad news is that achieving the no.1 position in google search page will not be enough to get enough traffic. Why? Let me explain.

Those days are gone when you saw one or two google ads in the google search page listing and the rest of the result was blue text I mean the link of the website. But now, if you look at the SERP, you will see that it is cluttered with, videos, links, images, social media mentions, various widgets, article listings, and ads. So it is very common now to get lost in the ocean of other things in the listing no matter you have achieved the number 1 rank or not.

As a result, you need to consider other key feature beside the keywords. And of course, you need to change your SEO technique to get the highest amount of traffic.


SEO industry is ever-changing. Google can change its algorithm anytime they want in order to provide the best result to their users. You need to be updated and follow the trends in order to rank the website as well as get the traffic. You need to change your strategy to rank the web page.

Remember, if your site is well-optimized and provide a good value to your user then definitely your site will rank higher. So, ensure the best quality and have faith in you. Be like a stream in term of strategy and be like a stone in term of quality.