web design trends 2018-2019

Are you looking for web design trend for 2018-2019? You are in the right place.

Nowadays, everyone tries to catch the trend. But catching the trend is not that simple for sure. Why? Because you need to research a lot in order to know the trend. And you know what? In most cases, people cannot catch the trend. Then what is the solution?

Don’t worry, after reading this article I hope you will be able to know top web design trends 2018 as well as the upcoming trend of 2019. What you need to is to read the article until the end. So let’s get started without further talking. Here I am going to write top website trends for 2018 that will also rule 2019 for sure.


This one is the new website trend in 2018 and this is the thing that has the ability to keep your visitor attached to your page. Web animation can play a vital role to make your ideas easier to understand for the audience.

Now, people are busy and do not have enough time to read your whole content. In that case, the animation will help the audience to understand your content in a very short time and people really enjoy the animation as well.

We all the website owner and developer want to capture the attention of the users as much as possible and you know what? The animation starts to make that happen. Senior web designers and developers agree with this that animation in the website shows its strength in the web world and it gives the website a strong personality and at the same time make the website dynamic as well.


Maybe you are thinking that shadow is not any new thing then why is it in web design trends for 2018-2019 right? Well, though it is not a new thing, now we can see more variation in shadow thanks to the advanced web browser.

And now, with the grids as well as parallax layouts, the web designers, as well as developers, are playing more with the shadow in order to create a depth and the illusion of the creation beyond the screen. Shadow does not simply increase the aesthetic of the site but also it improves the user experience.


Though typography has been a great weapon for a long time, now the use of typography has increased due to the high-resolution devices where everything is superbly clear and easy to read. You will find inventive typography in most creative websites. This improves the personality of the site as well as the brand and at the same time evokes the emotion and sets the tone on a site all while carrying important information.

In addition, with the sharpen resolution the use of the custom font is increasing. Also, it brings an aesthetic look to a website that helps to attract the users and thus keep the users on your page for a long time. If we look ahead to 2018, the designer and developer are going to take full advantage of this amazing system for sure.


Your users will leave your website soon if it does not load within 2-4 seconds.

Then what is the relationship between particle background and the speed of loading a website? Well, the answer is simple. Particle background helps to load the website faster.

We all know that an image or animation says more than a thousand words article and people do not have the time to read your thousands word that’s for sure right? So using video or animation is the best choice to grab the attention of the users. That is why you will find animation or video in any best websites of 2018.

But the problem is, if you use a video background, the page will load very slowly and take more time that will result in the leave of the users. Particle background works here. These amazing eye-catching animations are very much lightweight JavaScript which allows the movement to be made as a simple natural part of your website’s background, and all without taking much time to load.

These animations are very popular nowadays in social media for its eye-catching feature and thus it comes to the list of web design trends for 2018-2019.


Nobody likes any kind of boring websites that are full of text.

Illustrations are versatile as well as a great medium for creating images and videos that are friendly, playful, and add an extra fun to your website that every user likes.

According to a study, the bounce rate decreases 100% on a page that contains at least one video or image.  Also, in an article, titled Forbes web design trends 2018, it says that illustration makes a website more engaging that increases the dwell time of a site.

And the best thing is that visitors are 80-85% more likely to buy a product after watching a video or an animated demo. So you can easily imagine why this is in the trend list.


If you check any modern website design examples, then you will find out that everybody uses grid layouts. The specialty of the grid and broken layout is that it is distinctive, unique, and sometimes experimental.

This trend is ruling in 2018 and it is simple to assume that it will rule 2019 as well for sure. Though the traditional company might not be interested generally in this aesthetic, large brand will definitely go for this.


This one is the new website trends 2018. In 2017, the mobile browsing surpasses the computer browsing. As a result, mobile-based design becomes a trend in this year and it will continue for a long time.

Nowadays, people order almost their entire products through the mobile phone. Some days ago, the designer thought how they will put all the menus on a small screen and if they will, how those small menus look on a desktop. Then comes the responsive web design and it is a trend of 2018.

In 2018-2019, responsive web design and mobile priority is a must doing thing for any brand.


You know, homepage trend is not a new thing. But a simple homepage is the future of website design trend. Though, it is trending now as well.

We see that simple home pages work better than any home pages that are full of content. You can use beautiful Videography and Photography, Subtle Animations, Flat Design, and Minimalistic web design to make your homepage simple but gorgeous easily.


Using color is common but using extreme vibrating color is the upcoming web design trends for 2018-2019. Now, developers and designers pay additional attention to the color scheme, unlike any other time.

Color combinations can create an extremely striking effect to your website and as you scroll it will linger to your eyes for its amazing effects.

In the past, the web development trend was using soft color to the site, but now, developers play with the color. This trend is established with the help of advanced technology, the screens of the devices are now more suitable for the extreme color scheme.

Vibrant colors can a good option for new sites and old sites also because those colors help a lot to grab the attention of the users.


Web design trends for 2018-2019 make a huge advancement. No other years has ever noticed that much advancement and changes in web design practices. This year, mobile-based design increases and content-based design decreases. Fast loading websites rank higher, animation, gifs; even videos in website get extra attention.

We can say this year as a transition year for the web design world. So it is time to re-evaluate your website design and cope up with the trend so that you can get extra traffic and at the same time you can grab the attention of the users and improve your conversion rate.

If you can’t cope up with the trend then I assure you that you will be out of the race very soon.