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WordPress Design Tips

Sep 11, 2018 | Blog

In this modern era where everything is competitive and been perfect, every WordPress designer is trying to design their website as perfect as possible. Maybe you know that you get just a few seconds to impress the visitor at first look.

In order to impress your visitor, you need to design your site perfectly. But do you know how to make the website look amazing, or how to make a site catchy, or what is the factor you should consider designing the website? Well, let me help. I’m writing some tips for you that can help you to improve your design.

Trending and responsive design

Always go with the trend. It is very important for every designer to remain updated and keep the site updated as well. And another thing is responsive. If your site is not responsive then you will not get good traffic from all device users.


Image is the main component of your site appearance. A good image can change the whole appearance of your site while a poor image can totally makes your site look disgusting. May be a good image takes some time to create but it is worthy of it.


You know, writing is the backbone of your site. And a good font can add some beauty to the page. Try to add customer font. Though, custom front setting is little bit time consuming but it is worthy of it. Try to set up a custom good font that best suits to your band personality. It will make your site unique as well.


What do you think about the color? Do you know elegance people will leave your page immediately if your site color is not standard? You have a great chance you bring good visitors and keep them attracted by just using the right color.

Logo For Your Website

You know, logo is not about a simple text or design that represents your band name but it represent you band and the personality of your brand. It is something to keep at the top of your site; it is the face of your site. So always get the best logo for your site. These are the main tips I can give you right now. But the best tips I can give you is that why are you trying so hard to design your site when you can do it by just 49$. Yes! Iwebexplore web Design Company offers a responsive professional webs design in just 49. Don’t waste your time and contact with the iwebexplore.